Dalem Boncel (English Version)

Dongeng Sunda, disadur dan dialihbahasakan oleh Mamak.

Long time ago, near Giriawas mountain, there was a village named Kandang Wesi. In that village lived a couple with their only son, Boncel. The family was very poor but the son always gave his best to reach his dream. He worked from one noble to another until he succeeded and became regent of Caringin in Banten.

As Boncel became regent, he lived in wealthy. However, his parents remained living in the village without any changes. They even did not know that their son had become regent because Boncel had never come home since he left for job. Boncel’s mother and father definitely missed him so bad that they tried to look for him. They went looking for without knowing where to find.

“Don’t you know? Boncel is a name of Regent in Caringin!” A man told them when they asked around.

In mixed feeling between disbelief and happiness, they went to the regent residence to meet the regent, their son. When they asked the guards to see the regent by saying that they were his parents, the guards laughed and mocked them. But the parents persisted so the guards guided them to the regent.

“Boncel, my dear… You wouldn’t know how much we missed you, Son!” The mother said as she saw her son.

“Who are you, old woman? How dare you say I am your son?” Boncel said loudly.

“But we are! It is mother and father who have raised you until you’ve all grown up!” The father said, restraining his anger.

“Non sense! It is impossible for a regent like me to have poor, dirty old parents like you!!” Boncel shouted and kicked them out from the hall.

Boncel had become an arrogant and greedy person. He was like a nut forgot his shell. He was the worst as he did something absolutely awful to his parents. Not long after he kicked them out, his health dropped. He got skin disease in all over his body. His illness was hard to cure. He tried and took every medicine but it was nothing.

“Is it because of what I did to mother and father?” Boncel said in his heart while detaining his pain.

“I have to go back to Kandang Wesi, meeting my parents! Prepare food and everything for them!” he then ordered his servant to get ready to make long journey to his hometown.

Boncel believed that the cure for his illness was his parents. In his way back home, he did not stop thinking of them. But it was sad, very sad, because his parents died long before he could meet them. The neighbors said that his parents were sick right after they came home. The sickness then brought them to death.

Boncel could not hold back his tears. He cried loudly and howled in his parents’ tomb. He lived miserly, suffering from the illness that could never be cured.



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