Keperluan Cinta

I’ve been asked whether or not love is necessary.
Well, I personally think that it is not about “necessary” or “unnecessary”.
The answer for that question is love simply must exist and it does exist.
Let’s muse, what will probably happen if there is no love at all?
Can’t think of it, right?
You have One God that Has The Greatest love of all, don’t you?
See, the key point here is that our God, Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahiim, is The Source of Love.
Love is the… let’s say, one of the proofs of The Existence of our God.
Why can I say something like that?
Let’s idle, and think calmly, Allah SWT Creates us, the humans, angels, demons, animals, trees, flowers, earth, sky, moon, sun, stars, galaxies, and many other creatures with love, with His Love as you can feel and see by yourself that there is never found any mistakes or errors or deformities in His creations.
He even Guarantees and Writes about it in His love letter, Al Qur an.

Okay. So, love does prevail, both unconditionally and conditionally.
There was love inside Ibrahim AS toward Allah SWT because if there weren’t, Ibrahim wouldn’t undertake his God’s Request, ‘to slaughter his beloved son, Ismail AS’. In the same time, he let us see that he loved his son so much that he felt so miserable to have his son presented to The God and have him slaughtered by his very own hands. That was love. That was the existance of the real and absolute love. Thus, I strongly believe that we have to learn about love from The Abul Anbiya’.
To learn and make the love lives inside our heart.

10 Dzulhijjah 1435 H,
Peppy Febriandini

Sebuah ‘tanggapan mengenai “Cinta itu Buta” pada kajian minggu rutin Mata Cinta, Ahad, 3 Dzulhijjah 1435 H


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